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SCIENCE: When Making It Up Is Not Enough T-Shirt


Hearsay is not enough, proof is of the essence. When you echo these words, then you are total science geek and this shirt is made for you! A perfect gift for the believer in authentic basis of beliefs where science explains it all. Our science geek shirts are available in men's and women's sizes in a variety of colors.

(Sold under the brand: Science Geeks Unite Shirts)

Hey Autocorrect, What the Fork? T-Shirt


It sure can be embarrassing when autocorrect changes your message. Especially the curse words. All of sudden your texts make no sense. So you type, and retype, and type some more, on those small cell phone screens, and it just keeps happening. Sometimes, you just need to say, what the.... aww, I give up,

  • Don't you hate when you need to say it, but autocorrect just won't let you. For those days, why not show the world how you really feel in this sarcastic quote shirt

  • This funny novelty t-shirt is a great gift idea for your phone-loving teenager, geek friend, text-happy brother, or anyone who just can't put that cell phone down

(Sold under the brand name Geekesh Tees)

I LOVE Oktoberfest T-shirt


Every year in September and October, the largest beer festival in the world occurs in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest. A celebration of all things German. Here you find tents and halls, filled to the brim with people from around the world, clinking their mugs, eating pretzels and brats and wienerschnitzel, and celebrating all that is good in Bavaria. Most of us won't ever get to that party. But grab a stein of beer, a pretzel dog, and put on this shirt. It will be just like you are there. Almost.

  • This simple Oktoberfest t-shirt features the German flag in the shape of a heart, showing just how much you love Oktoberfest.

  • Great for beer lovers, those of German descent, or anyone who likes to celebrate fall. Prost!

(Sold under the brand: I love Oktoberfest Tees)​

What's Up Witches? - Halloween T-Shirt


Do you like Halloween? Do you like witches? Do you have just a little bit of attitude? Then this shirt is for you! Wear it as your costume when you go to a party on Halloween, or just enjoy it for the season. Your girls (witches) will thank you.

  • This funny Halloween shirt even doubles as your costume!. Enjoy it when you're hanging out with your witches (I mean, your girl pals).

  • Get it for yourself, or its a great gift for the witchy lady in your life - your mom, girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter or friend.

(Sold under the brand: Holidays Are Coming Tees)

Forget the Bottle, Get Me the Box T-Shirt


The perfect shirt for the boxed wine drinker you love - or you are! From Chardonnay to Merlot, men and women are no longer embarrassed to say they drink from a box, so help them flaunt it with this funny t shirt! Great gift for any occasion.

  • Perfect gift for the boxed wine drinker in your life

  • Available in men's and women's sizes

(Sold under the brand - Boxed Wine Shirts)

I Believe You Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Cares T-Shirt


Sometimes they just don't get it - that you just don't care what they do. For times like these, you need the perfect tee to act as your billboard. And with this shirt, the message is loud and clear. Great for moms, dads, co-workers, your crazy uncle, your even crazier aunt, self-described geeks and nerds, and anyone who has sarcasm in their blood. Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays and any holiday.

  • I believe you have mistaken me for someone who cares t-shirt. For when people just aren't getting the message, this funny novelty shirt will deliver it for you, loud and clear.

  • Great for moms, dads, co-workers, friends, neighbors, self-described geeks and nerds, and anyone who has sarcasm in their blood. Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, and any holiday.

(Sold under the brand name Geekesh Tees)

Overhand Bowling T-Shirt


This novelty shirt was made for that family member -- you know, the brother, sister, aunt, uncle or son -- who always wears the shirt with the tongue-in-cheek sayings. Is overhand bowling really a thing? It seems to be, and your in-the-know friend would tell you that. Great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any time. Available in Men's and Women's sizes, and in 5 fun colors.

  • Funny overhand bowling t-shirt is the perfect gift for the risk taker, rule breaker, or game lover.

  • Available in men's and women's sizes

(Sold under the brand - Overhand Bowling Tees)

What Gym Should I Join And Not Go To This Year? T-Shirt


Whether its a New Year's resolution, or a "this many days" to my vacation pledge, or an "its almost bathing suit season" promise, you swear that this time, you're going to join the gym and actually go every day. Or maybe three times a week. Or really, just once a week. Well stop lying to yourself, embrace it. Be proud of your non-activity. Life is too short to waste going to a yoga class.

  • A perfect gift for your friend, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your aunt, your uncle, your cousin - well, for anyone. Because let's be honest, this is most of us.

  • Available in men's and women's sizes

(Sold under the brand - New Year Resolution Shirts)

Freakin' YOLO T-Shirt


Sometimes, there's nothing more to say than YOLO. And on those really crazy days, you need to take it to another level. Freakin' YOLO, the perfect shirt to wear when you just need to take a chance. Get one for yourself, for your friends, for your family. A great gift for Christmas, your birthday, Day of the Dead, Halloween, -- okay, that's a stretch, but you never know what holiday will become a take-a-chance type of day.

  • Sometimes, It's just freakin' YOLO. This popular hashtag phrase - You Only Live Once - makes a funny tee, the perfect gift for the teen, millenial, grandchild or other trendy person in your life.

  • Available in Men's and Women's sizes

(Sold under the brand - Overhand Bowling Tees)

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