For Publishers

Patuxent Marketing Group can assist with any of your needs.  Whether you just need help promoting a single title, or you need a review of your marketing or publishing strategy from top-to-bottom, we can help. ​

SALES SUPPORT - we provide you with the necessary tools to sell your books into retailers at high numbers, including writing product descriptions, editing and updating title information documents, presentations, retailer promotions, bundle ideas, and more. 

MARKETING & PROMOTIONS - we can customize a marketing strategy by title, series or for an entire list. Organic or paid, promotions or social media, local, national or international - we have you covered.

AUTHOR SERVICES - we can liase directly with your authors on social media, platform building, timelines and more. And we can work with your PR team (or ours) to book and manage events and media.

BRAND BUILDING - we can help you build a brand around a series, author or your own publishing company. Ask us how we can help you build or expand your brand, by creating plans to support or expand your website, social media, relationship marketing and ecommerce.

BUSINESS STRATEGY - beyond marketing and promotion, we can assist you in determining your multi-year publishing plan, help you expand into new markets and product lines, or discovering new distribution partners.